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Welcome to the home of Illinois Girls Wrestling

The 2013-14 season is here! Can you feel the excitement?

Last year the Illinois Girls Wrestling Committee promoted three regular season events with girls only divisions, one in each month of the season, representing the different areas of the state (North, Central & South). We set several records last year with these events to include the 100 girls that attended the IL Girls Folkstyle State Championships.

This year the Illinois Girls Wrestling Committee has even more in store for the female wrestlers in Illinois than ever before. Check out our tournament list on the left side navigation. We have had additional tournaments inquire about the possibility of adding girls divisions to their events as well so stay connected with the latest opportunities on this site and our official Facebook site You can also follow us on Twitter @ILGirlsWrestle and note that you can see those Facebook status updates through Twitter and our Twitter is embedded into the top of this site as well.

We also have a new organizational structure for this season and new committee members so check out our state committee info and we do still have openings for any that are interested and are soliciting volunteers for those openings now.

Good Luck This Season!

Help us pick a new logo to represent our girls
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Logo #4

Thank you to all the participated in our survey.

It was a nice response from our community and it is apparent we clearly prefer the girl silhouette options. The highest number of votes was for Logo #4 with Logo #2 in a comfortable second. Going forward the plan will be in any stand alone use of our logos we will use Logo #4. When the logo is accompanied by other aspects that reference Girls (like the header on this site) we will go with Logo #2 without the use of the word Girls at the bottom. Furthermore if the logo will be scaled down in size to the point where it may make the word Girls difficult to read we can also use Logo #2.

Once again, thank you all for your input.


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