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Welcome to the home of Illinois Girls Wrestling

The 2014-15 folkstyle season was a success. The state of Illinois saw more girls receive a USA Wrestling Card than ever before. We also saw more girls at our state tournament and more participants with more accomplishments at USAW Girls Folkstyle Nationals as well. The state also entered into the Girls Junior Folkstyle Dual National Championships and placed 5th. There is a lot to be proud of for the girls, their parents, coaches and administrators within the state of Illinois for the folkstyle season this year.

We also saw an increase in participation in our Freestyle State championships over last year and the cadet and junior participants at Fargo, ND for the Freestyle National Championships increased as well and they also had a lot of success this year.

Thank you to all who participated or volunteered to help make this year a success!

Women's Wrestling Recruitment Video

USA Wrestling designed the video to the right to promote women’s wrestling to all potential athletes, parents and coaches. Please share this video with all your contacts; you never know who this may impact.

"Terry Steiner, the national women's coach at USA Wrestling in Colorado Springs points out the fact that...Why limit this great sport [wrestling] to only half of the world's population; so you've got a great sport why not share that why do only men get to benefit from the self-improvement and the confidence building and the athleticism that wrestling brings." - Jason Bryant, Editor at Amateur Wrestling News


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